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Parent and Carer Advisory Committees

Join our Parent and Carer Advisory Committees (PCAC)

At Active OOSH, we welcome and value genuine and meaningful input from the communities in which we operate in. That’s why, at each service, we run a Parent and Carer Advisory Committee (PCAC). These committees give our OOSH families opportunities to have their say and shape the way our services run. 

Within the PCAC we ask members for their input on our service operations such as programming and planning for learning experiences; menu decisions; fundraisers to support the wider community; and current processes and policies. 

We acknowledge that families are busy and have limited time to attend PCAC meetings. Our PCACs are run as more of an ongoing online forum, rather than a regular face to face meeting. We regularly post content in the forum, and members can choose to have their say on the matter at a time that suits them. 

If you’d like some more information on our PCAC’s, or would like to join your service’s PCAC, please complete the form below. 

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